TH400 Speedo Changes The Face Of Speedometer Parts

Gear Vendors Inc reviews its promise that its speedometer would change things in the speedometer parts space for the better. Further information can be found at

Gear Vendors Inc has been in the the speedometer parts world since it announced the launch of TH400 Speedo back before1988. Gear Vendors Inc’s speedometer was promised to shake things up and 12 years later, facts are in.

Previously, with even a passing glance, motorists would notice there are many companies who try to deliver speedometers, with some of them being off ratio or under quality. A spokesperson for Gear Vendors Inc, Mark Drake, makes a point of saying “things were always going to change when TH400 Speedo launched… it was inevitable”.

He continues… “Where you’ll likely always see competitors doing the same old thing, we wanted to have created high quality, stainless steel and billet aluminum gear parts. We do this because we believe someone has to. If you want quality, it’s hard to find out there so we made sure it’s available to people who want it. Ultimately we knew it was going to be of huge benefit to our customers because they’ll have long term, longer lasting, higher performance quality parts.. We actually hope others follow suit.”

Gear Vendors Inc was established in 1979. It has been doing business over 40 years and it has always aimed to manufacture high quality, performance parts.

The options available for TH400 Speedo by Gear Vendors is seen on their website and the gearing is shown there as well. Gear Vendors TH400 Speedometer doesn’t lack options or parts. The company lists their prices right on the website. This alone was enough to make Gear Vendors Inc’s speedometer more popular with customers in the speedometer parts space, quickly.

TH400 Speedo is now available to buy and review at directly from Gear Vendors.. To find out more, the place to visit is

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