Text Deliver Cindy Donovan Mark Thompson Bulk SMS Broadcasting Platform Launched

Text Deliver, a new SMS/text messaging platform allowing marketers and business owners to easily grow, manage and segment contact lists as well as create and deliver compliant mobile marketing campaigns, including automated message sequences or broadcasts with detailed analytics, has been launched.

An innovative and complete SMS/text messaging platform entitled Text Deliver allowing mobile marketers to easily create and manage different text message campaigns for subscribers and customers has been launched.

More information is available at http://letsgolook.at/TextDeliver.

Text Deliver is a full SMS platform functioning similarly to an email autoresponder but for text messaging, developed by Cindy Donovan and Mark Thompson, to help marketers or business owners easily explore or leverage the possibilities of mobile and SMS marketing for their businesses and campaigns.

The newly launched text messaging solution allows its users to add, manage and segment unlimited subscribers into different targeted contact lists to easily send out one-off text or voice-mail broadcasts along with automated SMS sequences based on specific day/times and 100% compliant with subscribe/unsubscribe and/or help messages.

The Text Deliver platform also allows for keyword short-code text message campaigns to attract new subscribers or deliver coupons/offers and can be seamlessly integrated with the most text-message delivery services, including Twilio, CallRail, CallFire, Plivo, Weemo or Wiggio, and more, as well as synchronized with the major email autoresponders. Extensive campaign performance data and analytics, including opens, clicks or click-through rates, are also provided on the platform’s intuitive dashboard.

More information on the Text Deliver platform and its multiple benefits along with a video demo showcasing its intuitive ‘email inbox-like’ dashboard and the multiple features available can be consulted on the website link provided above or at http://muncheye.com/cindy-donovan-et-al-text-deliver.

The developers, Cindy Donovan and Mark Thompson, explain that “email has a 22% open rate compared to 98% for SMS and the same goes for the average click-through or conversion performance of both mediums. The bottom line is text messages have proven to outperform email and the trend is only growing”.

They add that “businesses and marketers need to adapt to this mobile trend to be successful and our new platform called Text Deliver has just been released to facilitate that transition. This revolutionary SMS platform functions like an email autoresponder which we are all used to but for SMS, which means a boost in the deliverability and engagement for any of marketing or promotional efforts”.

Release ID: 124560