Texas GreyStone Laboratories – NGS Testing/Analysis – Quality Diagnostics Launch

GreyStone Laboratories (1-800-742-5795) has launched the most up-to-date quality testing available for a wide range of diagnostics and is currently offering its services to hospitals, physicians, healthcare facilities, and other laboratories.

GreyStone Laboratories, a state of the art facility that provides clinical laboratory testing, has launched an updated range of services using the latest technology to provide diagnostic results for genetic testing, toxicology, and virology. The laboratory uses leading-edge equipment and techniques to provide the fastest possible turnaround times with a high degree of accuracy.

To learn more please visit https://www.greystonelaboratories.com

The recently launched updated services from GreyStone Laboratories are part of their continuous process of expansion and improvement. The laboratory’s commitment to quality service leads it to use only the latest methodologies and technologies to provide the highest precision results for its clients.

Experts believe that nearly 75% of patient care decisions are influenced by the results of lab tests, so the team at GreyStone Laboratories has made it their mission to provide doctors, insurers, and patients with the most accurate and timely results possible given the present level of technology available. Their laboratory currently provides reference testing and specialty diagnostics to thousands of patients every day.

GreyStone Laboratories is currently at the forefront of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and they believe providing consistent and reliable results in this field can improve society both socially and economically. Through the use of industry-defining equipment and methods, they are able to detect inheritable genes which were undetectable, or detectable only with a very high degree of inaccuracy, previously.

These NGS-based diagnostic tests include breast, lung, ovarian, and prostate cancer. Their tests are also used for cardiovascular disease, obesity, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and other inheritable health issues. Using their data-driven techniques GreyStone Laboratory is delivering results that allow for accurate risk prediction and diagnosis in a timely manner.

GreyStone Laboratories is currently offering its commitment to quality and extensive test menu to physicians, multi-practice clinics, institutional healthcare facilities, non-profits, hospitals, and other laboratories. Their cost-effective services and fast turn-around time allows the laboratory to work with a wide range of managed health plans and physician providers.

The laboratory offers a full range of services for research, discovery, and analysis. This includes comprehensive toxicology and confirmation panels for tailored patient care. Some of their other services include testing for tumor markers, immunology, allergies, and parasitology.

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