Texas Financial & Retirement Planner’s Patented Tax-Free Plan Free Book Launched

Texan-based US financial and retirement planning firm, Barefoot Retirement, is offering free copies of its book, The Barefoot Retirement Plan, downloadable from its website, otherwise available for purchase through Amazon. Barefoot Retirement offers an exclusive financial planning product with components that are patent-pending.

Texan-based US financial and retirement planning firm, Barefoot Retirement, is providing free downloads of its book, The Barefoot Retirement Plan, from its own website, otherwise available for purchase on Amazon. Barefoot Retirement offers an exclusive product with patent-pending design features.

For more information or to download the book visit the website: http://barefootretirement.com.

Barefoot Retirement aims to help people invest in a diversified, minimal-risk financial plan for the benefit of their retirement years, in what is says is one of the most flexible, non-penalizing retirement planning methods available. The company says the planning method itself isn’t new, the nation’s wealthiest have been using this type of structure for over a century; it merely wasn’t a widely-known or well-understood strategy. It claims that probably the most important feature of the plan is the potential to earn two different returns, on the same money, at the same time.

Barefoot Retirement’s planning focuses on its clients’ biggest hurdles; losing money and paying taxes. By providing clients with a correctly structured plan that is guaranteed to not lose money despite market declines, and also growing clients’ funds tax-free with the ability for them to withdraw funds tax-free, and even have remaining funds transferred to heirs tax-free, Barefoot Retirement can alleviate these fears.

Considering most people fear running out of money more than death itself (based on surveyed age group 44 – 75), the delivery on this promise is crucial. Barefoot Retirement is able to achieve this by taking utilizing sections 72(e), and 7702 of the IRS code, which stipulates that the accumulation of cash inside the Guaranteed Index Account (GIA) is tax advantaged.

Some of the features of the Barefoot Retirement plan, deemed one of the world’s safest, are: 100% tax-free income, no losses guarantee, lifetime income, no investment restrictions, completely private with no reporting required, it’s 100% safe, no contribution limits, guaranteed loan option, leveraged returns by earning twice on the same funds, excellent growth track-record, and liquidity, use and control at all ages. Barefoot Retirement planning has been featured on Fox News, CNN, ABC, Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, CBS and Investor Place.

In addition to a free download of its The Barefoot Retirement Plan book, Barefoot Retirement offers its website visitors the option to attend free webinars and a host of information on its website to navigate prior participating a free consultation.

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