Texas Cybersecurity Certification Training HB 3834 Awareness Course Launched

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Threat Protector, a cybersecurity training company, launched their new certification course for Texas government employees. The company is an approved vendor for state-mandated HB 3834 training.

Threat Protector, an authorized cybersecurity training company, launched its new cybersecurity certification course for clients in Texas. The company is an approved vendor for the state-mandated HB 3834 training course.

More details can be found at https://threatprotector.com/what-is-the-hb3834-texas-cybersecurity-awareness-training-certification

The latest launch highlights the importance of cybersecurity training for employees in Texas. As per Texas law, HB 3834, state and local Texas employees are required to take a yearly cybersecurity training certification course to learn about preventing cybercrime. The course offered by Threat Protector can fulfill this requirement.

The employees that are required to take the annual cybersecurity training course include local government elected officials, as well as local and state government employees that have access to government computers. The training must be completed through an authorized agent, such as Threat Protector.

Cybercrime is an increasingly pressing issue, and it can impact all types of organizations, from small businesses to state governments. Cybercrime can be incredibly costly for its victims, can cause excessive company downtime, and can impact consumer confidence.

The course offered by Threat Protector is designed to train government employees about the many threats and strategies cybercriminals use, and in doing so, inform employees how to protect themselves and their companies.

Research says that 90% of data breaches are caused by human error. The course offered by Threat Protector was created to help reduce this error and to offer protection. Threat Protector is an approved vendor for Texas HB 3834 training.

The 30-minute training course covers 8 important cybersecurity topics. Topics cover information such as improving password security, what to do in a data breach, how to manage personal identifiable information (PII) and sensitive data, and how to avoid phishing scams.

To fulfill the state-mandated annual requirement, the Threat Protector Cybersecurity training course offers a cost-effective and effective option for fulfilling HB 3834 requirements.

Threat Protector is a cybersecurity training company with the goal of providing effective and affordable cybersecurity training to their customers. They offer IT security training services to small businesses, large corporations, and government employees. The company is driven by one principle: to do what is best for the customer.

A representative of the company said: “Threat Protector is a platform for finding innovative ways of protecting businesses through effective employee cybersecurity awareness training, phishing education, dark web monitoring, advanced email encryption, communications compliance, advanced endpoint protection, and device optimization.”

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