Terrigal NSW Fitness GYM Strength HIIT & Meditation Classes Launched

Erina-based gym Bace has launched their new strength, HIIT & Meditation classes for clients in Terrigal looking to improve their fitness by connecting mind and movement.

Bace, a fitness company based in Erina, New South Wales, has launched its new weekly Strength, HIIT and meditation classes for clients in Terrigal looking to reconnect with their bodies through mindful exercise.

More information is available at https://www.thebace.com.au.

The Australian mind and movement hub has a range of classes available including boxing and stretching workshops, clients can join in with strength workouts and guided meditation activities alongside the higher-intensity workouts.

The classes are suited for any fitness level, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Strength & HIIT classes are one of the most popular sessions, the base community encourages each other to train hard while having fun. Other popular classes are Meditation and stretching classes which are available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Their range of fitness classes offered includes boxing, ‘baceline’ training, men and women’s only classes, and strength training. Classes run Monday to Saturday and are available to book via the online system. They also run monthly programs, workshops and community events.

The site contains a blog that shares stories of the lives of the Bace team, members and the community, talking about their inspiration and passion. They also run Bacecast, a podcast working to share beliefs, experiences, and opinions through open conversations and interviews on training, nutrition, mindset, and the health industry as a whole.

Bace are focused on creating a community of people who understand the importance of mind and movement in everyday life and to work towards sustainable health and fitness through accountability, innovation and embodiment. They ensure that members are fulfilling their own journey, rather than chasing an unattainable goal which increases the rate of success.

With a young team, Bace prides themselves on helping clients grow in their health and fitness journey with smiles on their faces.

One satisfied customer said: “Bace has to be the MOST welcoming gym environment I’ve ever been to”, and that “Bace is a place where you feel like you belong, where you are accepted at any skill level.”

Interested readers can find out more about Bace and book classes online by visiting https://www.thebace.com.au.

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