Terrica Smith Releases Developers™ Board Game, Teaching Real Estate Investing

From homelessness to real estate development, Terrica Smith has created a board game that teaches the rules for achieving generational wealth through real estate investing: Developers™. Learn more at https://developersboardgame.com

From homeless to owner of the largest real estate crowdfunding company in Louisiana with over 100 real estate holdings and a trailblazing, $14 million mixed-use development currently in construction, Terrica Smith has positioned herself as an expert in the real estate world. Using the knowledge gained as a result of a career’s worth of experience, she has created a board game that is focused on teaching the rules for achieving generational wealth through real estate investing: Developers

Terrica Smith said “I didn’t want to just teach you through a course, I wanted to teach in a way that your entire family could learn. I have put my entire system of how I built a multi million dollar business into a board game and now you can play it at your kitchen table. Now your kids can access a wealth mindset and learn how to create residual income.”

On Tuesday October 27th at 7pm Central, join Terrica Smith to learn more about Developers board game and how you can use the money you already have coming in to be able to turn that income into investment properties. Register for the training at https://webinar.developersboardgame.com/incomeintorealestate

Terrica Smith also said “I purchased my first property while I was living check to check with a family of 4. We had over $30k in debt. Using our income tax, we purchased our first investment property. I took an entire month’s salary to fix up the property while my family and I lived off of the bare minimum for food and shelter.”

Terrica Smith is a managing partner of Salt Capital Equity Group LLC. Developers board game is being released by Salt Capital Equity Group LLC which aims to bridge the gap between its members by brokering investor-to-investor transactions, whereby investors from all backgrounds and income levels can pool their resources together to gain direct access to a larger pool of real estate investment opportunities.

Developers Board Game is available for pre-sale at https://developersboardgame.com

For further information about Salt Capital Equity Group LLC, visit https://saltcapitalequitygroup.com

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