Tent and Table are Announce New Inventory of Inflatables for Party Season

Party rental suppliers are encouraged to take notice of the amazing revenue these inflatables can provide states TentandTable.net

Tent and Table, a company offering commercial-grade rental equipment wants to spread the word about the newest and latest bounce houses that are energizing parties all over the country. They encourage anyone with a party supply company to consider the profit possible with these fun inflatables. In fact, entire businesses are now being established to lease just these items alone, proving how popular they have become.

“Inflatable bounce houses have been popular for years, but with improvements in their durability and some exciting new designs, people cannot seem to get enough of them.” States Kimberly Latko speaking about the type of products her company has to offer. “Something that was once a simple toy for small children has now become almost an event all on its own. Bounce houses and other inflatables are now large enough, and strong enough, to make it possible for even adults to join in on the fun. The Tent and Table Wrecking Ball Inflatable is a clear example of this type of interactive inflatable.”

According to the company, this inflatable offers fun for participants both inside and out. “Wrecking balls, operated from outside the house are used to try to knock down the people inside. This can be competitive or just for entertainment. Either way, it is a typical example of what people can get when they shop with us. You can always find the best inflatable equipment from Tent and Table Buffalo NY.”

They also recommend that companies interested in establishing themselves buy Joust Inflatables from Tent and Table Buffalo NY. This type of equipment, like the gladiator arena inflatable, make it possible to create a fun and competitive atmosphere that are incredibly popular at corporate parties or school fairs.

‘What we have discovered,” stated Latko. ”is that there are really no end to the types of events where people use these bounce houses. Birthday parties, community events and even wedding receptions are all places where these inflatables have been used. Rental shops are learning that there is very little advertising needed to rent out these popular items. Once one person rents it, suddenly everyone in attendance at their event has to have it for their next party, too.”

Party planners, amusement centers and rental stores are all encouraged to take a look at the incredible array of inflatables that are available from Tent and Table today. According to Latko, “A single house can earn back its investment for its owner in a very short period of time. It is also a wonderful item that will draw in customers and help increase overall rentals as well.”

About Tent and Table

With over 25 years in the party rental business, Tent and Table is in a position to know firsthand what consumers want. They use this knowledge to help other rental services to stock their shops with the most requested items. They have an inventory that is always being updated, so customers can feel comfortable that they can always go to them for the most modern items available.

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