Tennessee Harvester Awarded TN CARES Act- CAFB Fund Grant

One of the few U.S. hemp companies to win a CARES Act Grant, Tennessee Harvester is an important part of the local and national hemp industry.

Tennessee Harvester is one of the select few United States hemp companies to win a CARES Act – CAFB Fund Grant. The Tennessee CARES Act Coronavirus Agricultural and Forestry Business Fund (CAFB) is focused on supporting critical Tennessee-based businesses which are dealing with unique problems caused by COVID-19; such as, Business Disruption, Pandemic Response, Agricultural Supply Chain Enhancement, and Increased Meat Processing Capacity.

With this grant, the state recognizes that Tennessee Harvester is playing a pivotal part of the local, national, and even global emerging hemp industry. Tennessee Harvester supports the growth of our state’s economy, while raising the bar in the hemp industry, by connecting agricultural, consumer product goods (CPG) manufacturers and biomedical companies, domestically and internationally, that are in need of compliant and all-natural hemp based ingredients.

“We are honored to have been chosen to receive this grant award from the Department of Agriculture and thank the Commissioner and his staff for their vote of confidence in Tennessee Harvester. With these funds we are adding much needed full-time positions and expanding our processing capabilities in support of Tennessee’s hemp farmers, extractors and processors,” explains Richard Wilson, the Chief Operating Officer of Tennessee Harvester.

About Tennessee Harvester – Tennessee Harvester is an industrial hemp post-processing company that operates through a consultative approach that supplies and advises consumer products manufacturers that add Tennessee hemp and hemp derivatives to their goods, products and services. Through its proprietary technology, methods and standards Tennessee Harvester is working to unlock the value of the hemp industry within Tennessee.

With more than five decades of collective experience in the hemp industry, Tennessee Harvester’s team has individually worked in most every aspect of the supply chain: from cultivation, distillation, novel manufacturing, engineering custom equipment design and manufacturing, remediation, formulation, product line creation, sales, marketing and distribution.

More information about Tennessee Harvester may be found at: https://www.tennesseeharvester.com/

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