Tempi just released its new terrific and useful earplugs for noise filtering

To prevent hearing loss tempi released its new earplugs for noise filtering

Most of the young people usually don’t think about how important is to protect their hearing against the high resonant frequencies out there. There is always high noise exposure in the traditional places, which everybody goes to like parties, clubs, bars, and in the case for most of the musicians, those always noisy rehearsal rooms with big amps producing echo at very high levels. Once the people start being affected by the high noise frequencies they are exposed to, is when they start to concern as well, but sometimes, is just too late. That is why there is the old saying: It is always better to prevent than to regret.

Due to these reasons and many others, Tempi has released its earplugs for noise filtering to decrease the thunderous frequencies without losing the sound quality. Focused in those who are exposed to very high levels of noise, professional musicians who have irregular and unpredictable sound exposures, due to their long schedules, that for some of them, are more than even four hours per day.


Studies have shown that the hearing loss is one of the most common work-related diseases over the United States. An estimated of 22 million of USA employees encounter noise exposures loud enough to be hazardous. Although this document is mostly aimed at musicians, the suggestion to use the new earplugs for noise filtering by Tempi applies also to a wide open range of related occupations such as sound engineers, audio producers, DJ’s, and many others.


These elegant earplugs will provide to their users the safety, which ensures they are protecting their hearing, without reducing the sound quality. They are made to diminish the loud volume to normal levels, and they eliminate midrange frequencies which are considered to cause significant sound damage. In addition to that, they are totally waterproof and will shield clients against moisture, debris, and other contaminants.

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