Tempe Mobile Window Tinting Windshield Repair & Car Detailing Service Launched

Looking to improve the safety, energy efficiency and appearance of vehicles and homes, shops and offices, D.I Auto Care, an automotive detailing and glass specialist, have launched a window tinting service. This service is mobile and suits all makes and models of vehicles, and properties.

Phoenix, Arizona-based D.I Auto Care, an auto detailing and auto glass service, has launched window tinting to complement their existing automotive care. With a range of tinting products available and fastidious product application, the window tinting service is mobile, so prospective clients have their vehicle tinted at their home or office. Home, shop and office tinting is also available.

More information is available at http://cardetailingphoenix.com.

Recently launched, the window tinting service is convenient, affordable and increases vehicle, home, shop and office privacy, reduces heat and blocks harmful UV and UVB rays. Plus, in the event of an accident or break-in, window tint prevents glass from shattering.

Window tint also transforms a car, home, shop or office giving the windows a smoked appearance that highlights the exterior, making it more pronounced and inviting to others. Also, window tint makes a home or car more energy efficient, with it taking less to cool the vehicle or property in summer or heat it in winter.

All window tint comes with a life-time warranty for residential property and a 12-year commercial warranty. Although, this may vary depending on the product used. Warranties typically cover the film from color-fade, delamination, peeling and bubbling.

Established in 1987, D.I Auto Care offer auto detailing, auto glass repair and replacement and provide a mobile service. The business owner and manager Paul goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction is high at all times.

When asked about the quality of service D.I provide, one customer said, “I have to admit that my car was pretty filthy when Paul started working on it. I had been working on a farm and also settled into a state of slovenliness, so it was a lot of dirt combined with a lot of gross crumbs, grime, and the occasional 4-month old French fry. My car now looks practically new inside. The man is a workhorse, and he gets the job done.”

To find out more about D.I Auto Care and their newly launched window tinting service, call 480 233 1529 or visit http://cardetailingphoenix.com.

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