Telluride CO Portable Oxygen Concentrator Bar Rental Services Announced

Oxygen Delivers in Telluride, Colorado has announced recreational oxygen bar services for use at weddings, festivals, ski trips, golf trips and other special events in alpine areas

Telluride, Colorado-based Oxygen supply company Oxygen Delivers has announced portable oxygen bar rental services for use at weddings, parties and special events. Portable oxygen concentrators can be used at events to help diminish headaches and hangovers and increase quality of breathing in alpine areas like Telluride.

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Oxygen bars at events are becoming more and more popular as a supplementary aid to give event attendees more energy and to allow them to feel better overall in the hectic midst of drinking and being on the go. O2 concentrators, portable oxygen cylinders, Respironics Evergo and small, portable oxygen bottles are available, customizable to suit customer’s individual needs.

Portable oxygen bottles are absolutely convenient and compact, great for hikes, ski trips, festivals or long golf trips. For the outdoorsy, alpine hikes and oxygen concentrators go hand in hand to help alleviate sickness. The Respironics Evergo model is also lightweight and compact, is FAA approved for air travel and has a battery life of 8 to 10 hours.

In addition to oxygen machine rentals, Oxygen Delivers also provides appropriate number of nasal cannulas, splitters, extension tubing, masks, humidifiers and pulse oximeters. Concentrator rentals include 3 nasal cannulas and can be used by 2 people at the same time, allowing for convenience and time efficiency. Oxygen users have reported feeling the positive effects within minutes.

No medical prescription is required to use oxygen, as Oxygen Delivers is not a medical provider. The company is happy to provide a phone number of physicians for prescriptions to refill medical grade tanks. It’s important to note that smoking while connected to an oxygen concentrator is dangerous and it is recommended to have a designated oxygen room separate from a smoking area.

Oxygen Delivers was founded by Erich and Rachel Helbling after seeing people suffer from altitude issues in Colorado. The company serves the Telluride, Colorado area and is known for their product knowledge and high customer service standards. Interested customers can find more information and rent oxygen at the link above.

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