Tellinga Makes Social Media Advertising Tangible With Direct Mail Story Ads

Direct mail advertising has been on a decline for years owing to the proliferation of digital ads, which are more cost-effective and offer a high degree of personalization. Now, one company is hoping to breathe new life into the medium.

Tellinga, a service that provides customized miniature art subscriptions delivered through the mail, is looking to disrupt direct mail advertising with ads displayed through its serialized illustrated stories.

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With this latest announcement, businesses looking for a new way to get noticed by their intended customers will have a unique and creative means of promoting their product or service.

Tellinga explains that the key to this approach is building an expansive user base, similar to that enjoyed by social media companies. As subscriptions increases, more advertising opportunities open up for businesses who wish to reach these subscribers.

Similar to social media companies, which build their user base and then create highly targeted social ads tailored to a specific audience, Tellinga plans to utilize personalization and targeting to create effective and compelling direct-mail advertising campaigns.

An alternative to the conventional flyers, brochures, postcards, and other junk mail that people often ignore, Tellinga’s subscriptions guarantee that the ad not only will stand out but will also be seen by the recipient. As a result, these eye-catching pieces of art will help increase the exposure of brands, which can then lead to more conversions and sales.

Each Tellinga postcard is part of a serialized story that unfolds as new cards are created by its artists and sent to subscribers. The length of the story and the number of cards will depend on the customer’s subscription package.

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The company explains that its business model allows its subscribers to experience the thrill of waiting for the next installment to arrive. It likens the experience to waiting for the next episode of a TV series that only airs once per week. The difference is that in this “mailbox TV show”, the subscriber can be the main character.

Tellinga also said that plans for longer stories are already in the pipeline. Fifty-two part stories, for instance, will allow for richer storytelling, more characters, and even branching plots, prequels, sequels, or spin-offs.

“Companies have a hard time advertising via direct mail because of unopened junk mail,” said a company representative. “Tellinga is looking to disrupt current direct mail advertising and become the pioneering physical social media advertising company.”

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