Telemedicine Remote Early Detection Monitoring EDM For Medical Doctors Launched

A new long-distance medical doctor guidance program has been launched, called Early Detection Monitoring. It was designed to provide help during lockdown and allows doctors to see more patients without risk of infection.

A new medical practice engine has been launched called Early Detection Monitoring, which allows doctors to provide help to patients on a greater scale. The system was designed by a US marine and onboarded 29 patients in a day with a smiling waiting room.

For more information please visit the website more about the program on the link above and watch a video to see it discussed in depth. It’s a powerful solution to their telemedicine and long-distance treatment requirements and is especially useful in the current lockdown climate. The new practice engine provides the highest level of patient care and functional health while increasing practice profitability at the same time.

Doctors are able to increase their revenue by 30% just by improving their patient intake strategies. By signing up for the program, doctors are able to discover the techniques of the most profitable practices that can keep their patients from going elsewhere. They will also learn how to see more patients in an hour than they previously thought possible.

While all doctors know that early detection and monitoring is crucial for patients, access to the necessary technology has been limited so far. However, Early Detection Monitoring aims to make it easier to provide remote action and help patients without risk of COVID-19 infection.

The system was designed out of necessity based on the current regulations in place over the global pandemic. With Early Detection Monitoring, patients are able to get the help or guidance they need from their smartphone.

A spokesperson said: “EDM MD goes much further than just adding telemedicine to provide better care to patients. It helps Doctors become happier, healthier and wealthier all while creating raving patient advocates for their practice.”

This is a new wave in the medicinal field, and helps doctors to be preventive rather than reactive to their patients’ needs.

Those wishing to find out more can visit the website on the link provided above.

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