Telemedicine/Medical Innovation R&D Tax Credit Consultation For Doctors Launched

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Provo, Utah-based Dr. Tax Credit, LLC has just updated its tax consultation service, which helps healthcare practices receive generous incentives for offering telemedicine to patients.

Dr. Tax Credit, LLC of Provo, Utah announces the launch of its updated research and development (R&D) tax credit consultancy service. The company helps health practitioners get generous incentives for providing telemedicine services to patients.

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This service is being offered in light of the current pandemic, which has forced many doctors to innovate how they deliver healthcare. According to Dr. Tax Credit, the vast majority of its practices can qualify for R&D tax credits, which range from $40,000-$150,000.

While telemedicine has become more mainstream in recent years, the advent of the current pandemic has fast-tracked its adoption. In fact, industry statistics show that the pandemic caused this sector to grow 6,000% in the span of just one year.

Fortunately, the tax code was written to reward innovations in healthcare, including IT-powered advancements. Dr. Tax Credit notes that telehealth qualifies because it complies with the principles of computer and biological science.

However, not many doctors are aware that they qualify for the above-mentioned incentives, which can offset the cost of delivering remote consultations. As such, the Provo-based company provides end-to-end services to assist practitioners in qualifying for this benefit.

They can take the lead in applying for the incentive, freeing up doctors to focus on delivering quality care. It will help with identifying qualified research, providing trusted accounting support, and preparing high-quality defensible R&D studies.

The company adds that qualifying doctors must own their practice and generate over $1 million in revenue each year. Prospective clients may use the online chat feature on the consultancy’s website to get a preliminary briefing.

Dr. Tax Credit is a leading tax expert that allows clients in the medical field to maximize their exemptions and incentives. It is staffed by a multidisciplinary team that is well-versed in the R&D tax credit scheme.

A spokesperson says: “With extensive backgrounds in healthcare, technology, innovation, and law, Dr. Tax Credit is uniquely positioned to optimize your company’s R&D tax credit benefit.”

Interested parties may visit for further details about the company and its services.

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