Telehealth has Revolutionized Medicine. We have Revolutionized Telehealth!

Primary care nurse practitioner, Dr. Sharon of In Good Health PC, has updated his telehealth practice for people who need a doctor to advise them remotely on their Covid-19 symptoms.

As more people worldwide prefer the comfort and safety of telehealth appointments to in-person clinic visits, Dr. Sharon has updated his services to help more patients have their vital signs and symptoms evaluated remotely.

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Clients can now use a special app to have their vital signs and blood pressures taken and monitored through their cell phone cameras. They can take a selfie and press start on the screen. The 60-second facial scan will result in sending heart rate, repisratory rate, oxygen saturation, stress level, heart-health index and blood pressure to Dr. Sharon’s electronic health record system.

Once the patient presses start, the camera sends the facial image to the artificial intelligence program which records all of the vital signs in the patient’s health record. The process takes 60 seconds, and then all the data is also shown on the cell phone screen.

Dr. Sharon is located in Las Vegas, NV, but with the latest advances in technology, he is able to care for patients throughout the United States via his telehealth practice.

Dr. Sharon is concerned that many people have the wrong idea that recovering from Covid-19 is like getting over the common cold or another flu. He explains that Covid-19 affects the body in ways that no other virus in history has done.

He says that Covid-19 attacks cells in the respiratory tract on a genetic level, invoking a huge inflammatory response, called the Cytokine Storm, that can produce devastating effects on a person’s vital organs. Thus the Post Covid syndrome works like an autoimmune disease such as Lupus. Dr. Sharon uses an evidence-based treatment plan to reduce the inflammation and acompanying symptoms.

According to Dr. Sharon, treatment needs to be aggressive and immediate. He recommends that patients with Covid-19 be under the care of a doctor or nurse practitioner so that the right tests can be done to predict what complications are likely to occur.

Dr. Sharon can help patients with the virus evaluate their symptoms so they can return to good health as soon as possible. As he explains in one of the short videos on his website, he recognizes that each patient knows a lot about what is going on with their condition. He relies on the information given by the patient and works together with them to find the best solutions for them to be in good health.

A satisfied patient wrote, “Always on top of my health. Very caring and compassionate. Listens to you and understands. Today’s younger doctors need to watch how real medicine is practiced.”

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