Telecom & Datacenter Damaged Electronics General Salvage Sale Website Updated

Robert Alexander's general commercial salvage company announced that its website and services have been upgraded. The company purchases, repairs, refurbishes and resells damaged or undamaged telecom & datacenter hardware as well as general or specialized electronic equipment from insurance or damage sales.

Robert Alexander’s general commercial salvage company announced the update of its salvage sale website. The company purchases and sells damaged or undamaged telecom & datacenter hardware as well as damaged general or specialized electronic equipment including and not limited to high-tech machinery.

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The commercial machinery salvage specialist company buys damaged electronics including broadcast radio and television production equipment, cloud server hardware, high-grade plastics, medical diagnostic equipment, network switches, and other related goods.

The company also announced the sale of cloud and local servers, primary and backup storage resources such as tape drives & hard disks. Other equipments salvaged include computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units, power generators, cooling towers, and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) systems.

The firm buys goods that have been phased out due to planned or unplanned obsolescence or damage caused by natural disasters or human-caused accidents such as fires, earthquakes, industrial accidents, and other unforeseeable circumstances. In most cases, scratch or minor damage to commercial salvage assets is easily repaired and the value of the asset recovered through quick and cost-effective resale.

The firm also deals with Truck Mounted Bundle Extractors that require minor repairs to be refurbished as a commercial or industrial work truck.

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Robert Alexander Commercial Salvage works with a network of buyers who possess or have access to repair and refurbishment expertise for specific salvage niches. The buyer will always purchase a clean title without liens or a salvage title with the same. Some of the company’s salvage is new & unused because it was lost in shipping, recovered after theft, or is part of the good remains of a property loss.

According to a spokesperson for the Houston commercial salvage company “Our updated website and services now cover telecom, datacenter, and general electronic equipment. We look to work with companies who handle touch-up, repair, refurbish, remanufacture, overhaul or otherwise sell in their secondary market niches.”

The Robert Alexander Commercial Salvage Company is a full-service salvage firm operating in three niches – medical equipment, high technology, and printing presses. The firm also deals with oil & gas machinery, metalworking lathes & CNC machines, injection molding machinery, construction equipment, and other related machines. The firm is a licensed medical equipment recycler in all US states. More information is available by calling 281-905-1574 and by visiting the URL above.

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