Teitan Tattoo Moves from Sin City to San Diego to Defy Convention in 2021

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Teitan Tattoo has been a successful business in Las Vegas, and is opening a new location by the beach in San Diego. Their doors are open to new clients in a newly renovated shop.

Teitan Tattoo’s owner and chief artist Patrick DeMarco today reflected on the progress the shop has made since opening the first location in Las Vegas in 2019. Patrick has been tattooing for 10 years and opened his new San Diego location in January. (Right by the beach.) The main aim has always been to provide high-quality and unique Neo-Traditional style tattoos at a fair price and with friendly service.

“After working in the Las Vegas market the past couple years and developing a client base back and forth between there and San Diego, we wanted to try a new permanent location in San Diego, with a lot more ‘walk-up’ traffic possible from the beach. Tattoo shops come and go often, because so many try to compete with a cheap price that compensates for sub-standard craftsmanship. At Teitan, we provide the best value of quality at a fair price. Your tattoos should be something you can always be proud of!”

And to introduce the shop to San Diego residents and tourists, Teitan Tattoo is offering a limited time discount for new clients and their friends through the end of February. Exceeding expectations has always been the biggest goal when serving each and every clients, Patrick says.

“Sin City” was a highly competitive market for tattoos, with many tourists impulsively getting work done as a memento for their Vegas vacation. With the original Teitan location being a solid 20 minute drive from the Vegas Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard,) it was sometimes tough to get the flow of tourists that a Vegas shop would prefer. San Diego was a natural new city to choose for a location, and proximity to the beach was ideal. With the pandemic’s end maybe in sight this new year, many small San Diego businesses like Patrick DeMarco’s will have new opportunities as lockdown measures disappear and more people go in public to spend money on things like tattoos.

Patrick DeMarco also said “We want to give our customers confidence in the highest quality art on your body possible, right here by the beach. Based on our consistent 5 star Google reviews, our clients agree that we do a killer job for them. We want residents and visitors to San Diego to be able to show their new tattoo to their friends, fully satisfied, so I highly recommend you make use of this discount for you and a friend.

Teitan Tattoo’s new location just opened now in January 2021, but with the experienced vision and expertise of Patrick and his team, the shop looks sure to be a success even more here than it was in Las Vegas. Patrick recommends checking out the shop’s Instagram to get a sense of what some recent tattoos have looked like.

The phone number for appointments or questions is 702-530-4012.

For further information about the shop, check the main site here, and the limited time offer can be found here,

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