Teflon™Industrial Coating Business Growth Podcast Launched

A new podcast show for industrial coasters has been launched by Intech Services. They help businesses to achieve their sales and growth goals with industry insight, advice, discussion, and more.

Intech Services has announced the launch of a new podcast and YouTube show centered on growth strategies for industrial coaters. The “Deliver More” show offers in-depth insight and advice on business matters from the exclusive sellers of Teflon in the US and Canada.

More information can be found at: https://intechservices.com

Run by industrial coating experts, the newly launched show covers every element of the business and the challenges that new and existing owners will face.

Topics cover what to know about Teflon coatings, application, markets, and a variety of other business growth elements.

In addition to this, the audience will get regular sales strategies with actionable tips and techniques that they can use themselves to elevate their own coating business.

Intech Services recognized a gap in the market because no other company was catering directly to the needs of the coating industry. Now, with the launch of this new show, coating specialists have experts who they can rely on to walk them through the art of industrial coating sales and marketing.

Each episode will feature a key topic, and listeners will be able to enjoy games, special guests, and industry-related conversations that provide real-world value.

Previously, coating specialists have felt under-served – but with Deliver More, they can master key industry tactics with the help of proven specialists in their field.

Intech Services has a long-established history of excellence in the coating industry, and their expert coaters sell the highest standard of fluoropolymer.

Their YouTube channel where new videos are uploaded monthly can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSXvd3w7EdC40XnlBffHbMg/videos

Intech Services has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry, including Chemours, TCI, Col-Met, MightyHook, CFS, and more.

Now they are leveraging their leadership position to create a high-impact podcast that can help other coating companies to grow and develop their sales systems.

A spokesperson for the business states: “We look at our leadership role as a responsibility to help grow our coating customers’ capabilities and services and lift the industry as a whole in the process.”

Full details of the podcast are available at: https://anchor.fm/deliver-more

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