TEFL Educator Releases Free Reports On How To How to Teach English Overseas

TEFL Educator / TEFL Boot Camp today releases its free How to Teach English Abroad Info Pack. Three free publications detail and demystify the process of seeking a job overseas teaching English. Details include everything from the job search to unraveling cultural differences at work.

TEFL Educator / TEFL Boot Camp released their new free report today called: The Teach English Abroad Information Bundle. This report demystifies the information needed by people seeking information about teaching, working and living overseas. Here they can find what is needed in one place and get accurate information without a sales pitch.

TEFL Educator / TEFL Boot Camp owner Ted Tucker says for too long people have been in the dark on the costs and problems associated with landing a job teaching English overseas. This report helps to open the curtains on the industry and gives regular people insights they won’t find elsewhere. The free bundle includes three reports that detail how to successfully make the transition abroad with information about everything from developing the plan to adjusting to cultural differences when finally on site.

The reports include How to Teach English Overseas, an organized timeline for planning a move abroad, from researching the idea to preparing the job search, to landing the job to making the actual move and even beyond that. The second report, How to Land a Job Teaching English Overseas, details everything from how to write an international resume /CV to researching your future employer and how to conduct a telephone interview. The third report is focused on life abroad and how to succeed in a foreign work environment. How to Survive and Thrive Overseas covers cultural differences at work and how to overcome them. It includes how to know that the boss might mean “no” even when he is smiling, nodding his head and saying “yes”. Intercultural skills are a must when working overseas.

The reports can be downloaded free at http://teflbootcamp.com/resources-contact/efl-tefl….

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