Teeth Whitening Dentist At Shreveport Legacy Family Dentistry Tries Television

Concluding with an awesome promotion on professional teeth whitening, Shreveport Legacy Family Dentistry completes their first ever TV commercial. Everyone can get a chance at a celebrity smile.

Never content to rest on their laurels, Doctor’s Feducia and Gray are relentless when it comes to enhancing their patient’s experience. With the recent internal upgrades and equipment improvements complete, the next exciting thing to do is shout it from the roof tops. Short of that, how about going on TV?

And so, Shreveport Legacy Family Dentistry is capitalizing on it’s incredible momentum by hitting the airwaves in a major way. The two doctors are quite pleased to announce the recent completion of their first ever TV commercial. Committed to creating the most welcoming place for oral health, this new television commercial will demonstrate to existing patients and potential patients alike, exactly why Shreveport Legacy Family Dentistry is the perfect choice.

Very soon TV’s all across the Shreveport-Bossier market will be graced by the presence of this dynamic mother and daughter dental team as they proudly extend their marketing reach to a broader audience. Compete with actual patient testimonials extolling the numerous benefits of this wonderful family dental practice, viewers will also be reminded that Dr. Feducia has the distinct honor of being the first female dentist in the city of Shreveport.

Dr. Samantha Gray went on to say, “We had a great time creating this commercial. In the short window we had, I’m happy that we could touch on our history and experience. We really hope that the commercial conveys our concern and respect for each and every patient we are lucky to serve. I can’t wait to see how it is received by the community.”

Moreover, both doctors will appear on camera to highlight the ever important personal side of dentistry. Finally, because everyone wants a health, clean, and radiant smile, the spot concludes with an offer for a sizable discount on a professional teeth whitening treatment that puts home use products to complete shame.

Providing a vast array of dental services, the staff at Shreveport Legacy Family Dentistry invites those interested in learning more about them to visit their website at: https://www.shreveportlegacydental.com/

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