TEDx Mindset & Wellness Coach Reveals Her Formula To Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Mindset and wellness expert, Sonia Jhas, revisits her TEDx Talk, “Where do the happy people live?” as she announces her strengthened coaching services. Jhas clarifies that women are often told to do everything, and be everything when that is not aligned with their inner Truth.

With the recent release of her December 2021 TEDx Talk on YouTube, Sonia Jhas reexamines the pressures many women – and men – face in their lives. Raised in a traditional Indian family, Jhas was set to be on the “road to happiness”, checking all the boxes in her family’s “happiness to-do list”, including getting married, until she realized that it wasn’t what she wanted.

More details can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxKADRl8nGo

In her talk, “Where do the happy people live?”, Jhas asks the audience why society chases dreams that aren’t their own. She explains in her updated coaching services that social media has become an impossible dream, where people begin comparing themselves not even to their peers but to the whole world. It is no wonder then, she says, why many people are not happy as they attempt to beat the entire human population.

Several psychological studies attest to this. According to numerous studies, the excessive use of social media can negatively impact mental health. This is particularly seen among the youth who begin to compare their lives to what they see on their social media pages. Even if most people understand that some pictures are heavily filtered or edited, the fact remains that there is a “what if” that is reflected in what is seen on the screen.

Jhas understands this personally. When she broke off her engagement and quit her high-paying corporate job to follow her own dreams, her family thought she was doomed to misery. Striking her own path as a mindset and wellness expert in social media, Jhas found that happiness is not a single destination inhabited by many, but a unique place defined by the driver.

She says, “I believe it’s time for us to un-layer and reconnect with ourselves. It’s time for us to come back home to who we really are. It’s time for us to redefine happiness. My hope is that my talk will help you take an honest look at what you really want for yourself.”

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