Teddy Shake To Offer Special Incentives On Gel Pen Set For Graduation Season

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Teddy Shake announced today that in order to make their gel pen sets more affordable graduation gifts, they are offering special incentive pricing on the best-selling gel pens over the next month during graduation season.

Teddy Shake rainbow gel pens have become an Amazon.com best-seller and customer favorite since their launch this past fall. Countless numbers of customers have shared with Teddy Shake stories of how much they enjoy using these gel pens. This week Teddy Shake announced they wanted to provide an incentive to make their gel pens a more affordable gift option for this busy graduation season. For the next month, they will offer special incentive pricing on every set of gel pens sold.

“During this time since the launch of our gel pens, our customers have been fantastic,” exclaimed Teddy Shake company spokesperson Bailey Anderson. “They have shared their reviews, their stories, their artwork, their ideas for creative uses of the gel pen. These customers have helped our gel pens grow from the new kid on the block to an Amazon powerhouse. Hearing these stories, seeing these photos of work, we realized that the gel pen set is a great gift to give to graduates. In order to make the pen set more affordable, the price will be temporarily lowered.”

Each set of Teddy Shake gel pens contains pens of many different varieties, including metallic, glitter, rainbow, neon, or milky. Each pen is designed to hold more ink than other gel pens – sixty percent more, to be exact. Teddy Shake works hard to ensure that their gel pens are of the highest quality possible. One special feature of the Teddy Shake gel pens is the tip, which will help to ensure a smooth, continuous flow of ink while writing or drawing. This means no skipping or puddles. Customers have said that the Teddy Shake pens are perfect for use in scrapbooks, journals, adult coloring books, or just plain doodling. A recent five-star Amazon.com reviewer wrote “Best gel pens ever! My child says these are awesome because they write and draw smoothly. They aren’t like other brands that skip while writing! They make shading easy! The colors are great!”

The special price for the Teddy Shake gel pens is $19.99, which is less than twenty cents per pen. The Teddy Shake pens can be purchased only on Amazon.com.

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