Teddy Shake Offers Loyal Customers of Popular Gel Pens An Increased Savings

A stacked discount may soon be offered for the best-selling gel pen set by Teddy Shake.

Since the launch of the Teddy Shake best gel pens nearly three months ago, they have become a quick customer favorite and a best-seller on Amazon.com. A Teddy Shake spokesperson issued a statement today discussing the stacked discounts that the company is considering for their gel pens.

“We want to make our gel pens more affordable for everyone,” said spokesperson Bailey Anderson. “We have started by offering an overall discount on this best gel pen set on the Amazon.com listing. Under consideration are additional discounts that could be stacked onto that discount. We would like to offer a student discount, for high school or college students who would like to use our pens. We are also considering an artist discount, for the artist who uses our pens in the crafting of their work. Other discounts are also in consideration, and we would like our customers to reach out and let us know what discounts they would like to see.”

The Teddy Shake best gel pen set comes in a set of 105 pens of many different colors. Some of the color varieties of the pens include rainbow, milky, metallic, neon, and glitter. Each of the Teddy Shake pens is specially designed with a quality tip that provides a continuous, smooth flow of ink. This enables the user to write or draw without the pen skipping or leaving puddles of ink. In addition, the ink from a Teddy Shake gel pen will not smudge or smear and is non-toxic, acid-free and lead-free. These quality make the Teddy Shake gel pens perfect for use in archival diaries, journals, scrapbooks or documents. With 60% more ink than other gel pens, the Teddy Shake gel pens last for a significant time longer than competitors. The bright and vibrant colors of the Teddy Shake gel pens make them perfect for use in adult coloring books.

The Teddy Shake gel pens set is currently priced at $24.99, which is less than three cents per pen. Free shipping is provided on all Amazon.com order of $49.

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