’s 100K Shout Out And Ampifire Review Could Upset Online Gurus

TechPHX releases a controversial review of 100K Shout Out And Ampifire, which may cause upset amongst Online Gurus. More information and the review itself can be found at has released a potentially controversial review of 100K Shout Out And Ampifire, bringing some cause for concern, as the review may upset Marketers who charge outrageous fees for digital marketing services.

The 10 minute review examines the high points and low points of the Marketing Training, in the pursuit of providing Insider Information for consumers. In typical manner though, a certain element of the review is set to spark discontent among marketing gurus that aim to keep the practices that allow businesses to gain more traffic through the search engines.

Below is a portion of the review, which neatly exemplifies the controversial element:

This software will put SEO in the hands of businesses without the complexity.

A spokesperson for TechPHX, Derek Pierce, says “Of course TechPHX never sets out to intentionally upset anybody. The aim of our reviews is first and foremost to give an inside look and demo of the software. It is critical, however, that we stay dedicated to our true voice.

Although our review of 100K Shout Out And Ampifire might unsettle many in the marketing community who charge outrageous fees for digital marketing services, our duty is to our readers. We believe it’s more important to tell the truth, than to please everyone. Which is often difficult to do. We decided to simply show a demo and let the users decide.”

Although there has been no backlash as of yet, the possibility exists as the review exposes how many digital marketing course creators build digital marketing campaigns.

TechPHX has been a provider of thorough reviews in the marketing industry providing in depth demos and news for 10 years.

TechPHX has stated the future aims for the website are provide digital marketing education that works.. So TechPHX hopes any controversy will pass quickly and re-emphasizes no offence is or was intended.

The TechPHX complete write up and review of 100K Shout Out And Ampifire can be found at

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