Technology Service Provider Assessment Business Solutions Sourcing Plan Launched

A sourcing company in California launches their assessment services with the goal of enabling businesses to find the optimal providers for their technology needs.

California-based company Technology Source launches their pro assessment services for businesses who need assistance in reviewing their current and future technology providers. The sourcing solution is designed to be a more cost-effective alternative to hourly consulting.

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With the newly launched services, businesses get a dedicated advisor year-round, as well as quarterly reviews and access to a team of technology experts and certified engineers. Conducting the research and receiving sales calls on the businesses’ behalf, the company endeavors to help their clients achieve various goals.

One of the common objectives of the assessment services, cost reduction is considered the first essential step that the businesses should take so they can redirect their budgets to other projects that can improve their infrastructure.

Technology Source can also work with the client toward increasing the reliability of the technology solutions they are receiving, including their internet, communications, voice, and cloud services. Along with reliability, the company can help enhance security measures so their clients can meet data privacy requirements and ward off cyberthreats.

As more businesses are implementing work-at-home arrangements, the sourcing company can provide guidance as well in selecting vendors for cloud migration and other services to facilitate the new setup.

Offering a total of 87 products, Technology Source is well equipped to advise their clients on various business areas. Their expertise encompass phone and SMS systems, internet services, call center systems, wireless services, remote desktops, disaster recovery, bill consolidation, cybersecurity, and digital marketing.

The company also offers a free sourcing-as-a-service solution. With the pro assessment, however, they aim to provide their clients with a higher level of service and consulting for an affordable, flat yearly fee.

As a company representative explains, “We offer your company our consulting services without the normal hourly fee and help with your research, assessment of needs, finding cost savings and negotiating with providers. We all win because we work very hard on your behalf to ensure a great customer experience with our providers and cut out the sales guys.”

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