Tech Expert IT DevOps Job Sourcing Membership Network Platform Launched

TripleByte has launched a new tech job sourcing platform that connects members with roles at top companies like Apple and Dropbox. It can help anyone who has lost their job due to the pandemic to find new work.

A new site has been launched called Triplebyte, designed for software engineers and programmers to find work. Tech professionals can sign up for a free membership, and the site works as a technical employee job pool.

For more information please visit the website here:

Members signing up to the platform will have to take a quiz, and they will then be connected with tech companies looking for specialists in the field.

The platform aims to provide an effective solution for IT experts and tech workers looking to advance their career. Whether tech specialists are looking for their first programming job or want to change track, Triplebyte can help.

Quizzes are available for generalist positions for those who have experience with server-side web systems, front end experts who know CSS, JavaScript and other frameworks, and mobile experts.

Alongside this there are quizzes for machine learning, DevOps, data science and a variety of others. Specialist first-time role quizzes can also be taken for generalist and front end entry-level positions.

After taking their quiz, tech experts will receive a personalized feedback report. This will help them to identity their primary areas of strength, calibrated against over 200,000 other engineers. Additionally, members can get access to resources and tips for further development.

A key advantage of the platform is that top engineering companies approach the members, rather than members having to chase jobs themselves. Over 450 tech companies are connected, looking to hire the best engineering teams from Triplebyte.

These include Adobe, Quora, Dropbox, Reddit, Asana, Twitch, and a variety of other big-name companies across a range of fields. Members can set their own preferences so that they only get matched with the roles that are right for them. Engineers who go through the interview process with Triplebyte are taken directly to the final stage of interviews at top technological companies.

Alongside this aspect of the platform, there is a community that allows people to interact and communicate on various employment and technical topics. Members can exchange knowledge with each other, and there’s also a $2,000 referral fee in place if someone signs up and acquires their first job through Triplebyte.

Those wishing to find out more can visit their website on the link provided above.

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