Tech Companies Now Facing Seriously FIERCE Competition Say Technology SEO Agency

With access to funding available widespread online through crowdfunding, more and more tech companies are sprouting up. Find out how to beat the FIERCE competition:

Technology is a wonderful thing and human-kind has rapidly grown and expanded as a race over the past century due to the advancements in technology. Beginning around the 1820s with the industrial revolution all the way to modern day society with walking super computers in our pockets, apps that integrate with our every day lives, technology that changes the world as we know it is ever more increasing with each day that passes. This influx in advancement also causes the inflation of competition from other startup technology companies starting up.

With access to funding available widespread online through crowdfunding, more and more tech companies are sprouting up, all with the next big game changer, the ones who aim to change the world, these start ups are causing companies to stay on their game at all times, mastering their service. They don’t have time to think about business listings, site-wide optimisation and whether the right amount of anchor text was used in on-page content.

This is where Geeky Tech come in. Their new seo for technology companies service launched earlier today and with it, businesses can expect increased, exact target metric-matched leads coming more often. Geeky Tech are a technology seo agency with a team of Geeks spotted around the globe, connected through one exclusive network that eventually became like family.

Each month, customers can expect an in-depth report, which their team will walk you through what’s important. What Geeky tech have that other seo for tech companies don’t have is a secret, tried and tested formula through years of testing, planning and preparation that they have used to successfully rank up world changing technology companies in the past.

Andrew Do from 1st IT commented about their service: “Our industry is hugely competitive online, without our online presence we wouldn’t be able to maintain what we do. The whole team partnered with us rather than work for us, you can tell from the enthusiasm and passion that they love what they do and this really shows in the work and results. After such an in-depth and comprehensive review we really knew these guys really understood SEO”

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