Team TAMA Gathered Impressive Wins At The Ultimate Kids Karate Championship

One of the largest Kids Karate championshp in Midwest, the Ultimiate Kids Karate Championship held at Five Seasons Family Sports Club in Dayton, Ohio.. Over 200 karate kids competed in this event sponsored by Malealk Young and supported by 6 different states.

Team TAMA wins at the Ultimate Kids Karate Championship

The Dayton Ultimate Kids karate Championship is an open martial art tournament that was held at the Five Seasons Family Sports Club in the Dayton area and was sponsored by Malealk Young. The competition team of TAMA Kids Karate SuperKidz group, lead by Grandmaster Taningco, participated in one of the largest tournaments in Midwest. There were competitors from around the Midwest; from Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, West Virginia and far as south as Kentucky and Tennessee. Ohio state was well represented with competitors from Cleveland up north and all the way down to southern Ohio. There were over 200 competitors just for kids karate tournament. It was a hard competition for all of the competitors.

The top three competitors in each class/division received the prestigious UKKC Ring Championship. The competitors competed in point sparring, continuous sparring, kata/forms and Kobudo weapons kata/forms. Children age 4 to 18 competed in all divisions. There were 8 judging competitions running simultaneously. The tournament started early with the continuous sparring starting at 9:00 AM. The UKKC guided event ran smoothly and all divisions were completed by 3:30 PM.

Team TAMA gathered impressive wins at the Ultimate Kids Karate Championship. There was a total of 10 kids that represented TAMA Martial Arts: Christian Escobar, Riley Lombard, Aram Espinosa, Uridia Hernandez, Lizeth Aguayza, Kathleen Hernandez, Katie Cardulla, Ty Weltz, Seth Brown, and Jasper Weltz. Team TAMA brought in 3 First place, 5 Second place, 6 Third place and 4 4th place. The kids Karate team TAMA did very well stepping out of MVTA karate tournament circuit to try other kids karate championship tournament competitions held around Ohio and the immediate area.

Grandmaster Taningco has been drilling the TAMA Superkids competition team since the beginning of this year. There are 14 members who had signed up for the 2016 competition team. He has been teaching them weekly and preparing them for the various tournaments throughout the year. Taningco is very proud of these kids having that fearlessness to stand in front of the crowd and competing and ever challenging their nervousness and nervousness performing. It is a brand new team that did not have much experience competing in martial art competitions, except Riley Lombard, and Jake and Tony Pierce. The Team TAMA members are all outstanding and each is capable of pulling out some surprise finishes. Most of these TAMA Superkidz team representatives are very shy. They are ultimately stepping out of their comfy shell to compete in front of large audiences. These kids truly shined at the Dayton’s Ultimate Kids Karate Championship and most of the competitions they have entered. They are champions even without the awards since they believe in themselves as Grandmaster Taningco believes in them. Grandmaster Taningco empowers all the martial artists and many have grown to be successful in life and lending well to society.

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