Team Phoenix Washington State Powerlifitng Wins Big At Swedish IPF World Event

Six Washington State Team Phoenix members have achieved success in the IPF World Masters Team in Sweden in 2017. They won medals ranging from gold to bronze, representing the Team Phoenix Powerlifting group.

Ego Strength and Performance, the high quality gym and training facility in Everett, Washington, has announced that six members of the local Washington State Team Phoenix members achieved success in the Team USA IPF World Masters. The International Powerlifting Federation’s World Masters for men and women took place in Sundsvall, Sweden, in 2017.

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Team Phoenix is a group of likeminded people who enjoy powerlifting in the Seattle area, and enjoy competing in competitions around the world. The team is run by Kevin Stewart, the chief coach, who leads the team mostly through USAPL powerlifting meets.

Competitors from the team regularly achieve success on the national and world stage, with USAPL National events and the IPF Worlds. The latest success in Sweden is part of the team’s commitment to excellence in powerlifting, and sets them up for a strong 2018.

Competitive powerlifting has grown from strength to strength under the International Powerlifting Federation, with high quality events around the world. It is a sport of strength, with the squat, bench press and dead lifts becoming recognized internationally as a show of true strength, and is increasing in popularity around the world.

At the 2017 IPF Worlds, Team Phoenix achieved success in a range of different areas. It was the ultimate show of strength, as entrants must win the US nationals or be chosen as an alternate in order to be selected as a World team member.

Andrea Page competed and won first place and a gold medal overall, as well as gold medals in the individual events for squat, bench press and deadlift in the age 40-50 competition.

Cindy Goodrich won first place and a gold medal overall and in the individual events for squat, bench press and deadlift in the age 60-70 competition.

Colleen Hansford won second place, a silver medal overall, and in her individual events for squat, bench press and deadlift, while Becky Meister won third place and bronze medal overall.

Ken Gack competed and won 6th place overall, with silver in his individual event for bench press, and Tina Crawford won 5th place overall and bronze in her individual events bench press.

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