TDI joins the COVID-19 fight with Social Distancing Dual Layer Cotton Masks

Torrington Distributors, Inc. (TDI) is joining the fight against the deadly virus with the launch of Social Distancing Dual Layer Cotton Masks. See

Manufacturer of Aircraft Interior Seating Components for the global OEM and End User market “Torrington Distributors, Inc. (TDI)”, joins the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19) with the launch of its Social Distancing Dual Layer Cotton Masks.

According to the CDC, a cloth face mask can help to block respiratory droplets from becoming airborne—the primary way COVID-19 is transmitted. While social distancing masks are not filtered masks and are not guaranteed to prevent the transmission of disease and /or infection caused by viral, bacterial or any other known or unknown pathogen they are recommended for work environments & community settings such as grocery stores, pharmacies and similar environments The launch alerts potential and existing customers to the availability of affordable, American Manufactured Social Distancing Dual Layer Cotton Masks.

James Allen Mazzarelli, President at Torrington Distributors, Inc. (TDI), states: “When this all began we wanted to help and contribute to the solution. The end goal of keeping our community safe. What started with our general employee base and families has broadened to local community support in police and fire, numerous local businesses and individuals, and finally direct orders from the state of CT. Thru this pandemic we have run nearly 15,000 masks and counting. Most have been thru internal efforts and word of mouth. We decided to launch the line and see where it goes.”

Torrington Distributors, Inc. (TDI) has always thrived on the idea of contributing to the community. Whether it be local radio, youth sports teams, Torrington PAL, or food drives for local pantries. It’s all part of the game supporting the community from which your workers come.

When asked about TDI Social Distancing Dual Layer Cotton Masks, James Allen Mazzarelli said: “We think the new line will do well because it is a high quality product and we know people have been waiting for an affordable solution. We sourced all our components from US businesses and are in process of launching an even lower cost point on a TDI Lite version. Even if it does not come to fruition we will be in position to just flip the switch and help should the need arise again.”

TDI Social Distancing Dual Layer Cotton Masks was recently launched. To find out more, it’s possible to visit

Torrington Distributors, Inc. (TDI) is an OEM and Aftermarket manufacturer of cut and sewn components for the Commercial Aviation Industry. Our customers include OEM seating and cushion manufacturers, maintenance and overhaul facilities, and many of the world’s airlines. Through competitive pricing, outstanding customer support, the latest in technology and an overall attention to high quality TDI offers a reliable and professional source for the cut and sewn commodity.

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