Tax Reduction Program For Entrepreneurs | Asset Protection Plan Announced

Q Group has announced The Bulletproof Trust, a project dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers and other professionals secure their wealth by reducing tax liabilities. Clients will work directly with tax experts to design a personalized asset protection plan.

The program helps individuals understand the tax secrets used by some of the world’s richest investors to protect their paychecks from the grips of ultra-high taxation. After completing the in-depth training, students will be able to take advantage of legal tax loopholes laid out by the IRS.

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The Bulletproof Trust was launched in response to the government’s aggressive tax hike policy. The program’s four founding members plan to use it as a tool to empower Americans to keep more of their hard-earned money.

As stated above, the program helps individuals learn which IRS loopholes apply to their assets. A tax loophole refers to sections of federal or state tax provisions that allow individuals to lower the amount of taxes they owe. Many of these loopholes can also be applied to businesses, meaning entrepreneurs can help their assets grow by learning how to protect their earnings.

Whether hourly workers or entrepreneurs, by participating in the Bulletproof Trust, clients will learn the secrets of keeping the majority of their paycheck and investing in their future.

The first phase of the program teaches students how to set up a trust bank account at their local bank. Without the training that this program provides, setting up a trust account can take years of research and understanding of various tax laws. Signing up for The Bulletproof Trust gives clients the benefit of having all the necessary tax rules and regulations easily laid out, making it possible to set up a trust in a matter of days.

After a client’s initial trust account is set up, the program expands onto seven core modules that explain how to make the most of a trust. The modules center on teaching clients how to protect not just their paychecks, but their vehicles, businesses, and homes in the process. Clients also receive access to a library of legal documents and Supreme Court statements on the ins and outs of operating a trust.

With the latest announcement, Q Group remains committed to helping clients find legal ways to take control of their finances.

A satisfied client said: “After years of paying exorbitant amounts of taxes, I was eager to find a better way to save my money. Opening a Bulletproof Trust account helps keep your assets invisible to the world and safe from the hands of the government.”

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