Tax Preparation Refund Software Services Added for Self-Employed Tax Preparers

Zip Refund, a web-based tax return company, has announced the newest facet to their independent contractor opportunities for tax professionals looking to venture out on their own.

Digital tax return company, Zip Refund, has announced the addition of its professional software and support services for experienced tax preparers looking to open their own businesses. With a number of available packages and bank product options, Zip Refund gives tax professionals looking to venture out on their own the resources they’ll need to reach their business goals.

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Zip Refund is a subsidiary of Venture Works, Inc., a financial and business consulting firm that specializes in growth and scalability. The launch of Zip Refund’s newest independent contractor opportunity for discounted tax software gives tax preparation professionals looking for full control over their schedules the chance to pursue self-employment plans without franchise fees and other overhead expenses.

Zip Refund has now deployed both an all-in-one software option and a discounted software option.

Tax preparers looking to offer full tax preparation services can opt for the company’s comprehensive software and support model. A discounted version of the Zip Refund software is available to those looking to offer smaller scale tax preparation services that include access to bank tax products and associated taxpayer refund advance loans.

Demand for tax preparers is expected to rise by fourteen percent through to 2022. With the support of Zip Refund and its line of software products, experienced tax preparers now have the opportunity to venture out on their own, in pursuit of a self-directed work week and individually curated client lists, without the threat of decreasing or saturated markets.

Through economies of scale, the Zip Refund model gives independent tax preparers access to the types of marketing materials normally associated with larger companies and franchises. This means that individuals who may be limited by budget or marketing experience can develop promotional plans at a level consistent with their competitors.

A spokesperson for the company says “We offer our independent contractors everything the larger tax companies do. With Zip Refund, tax preparers can take advantage of a large support network, a range of software packages including ones with no out of pocket costs, and competitive compensation. This is an easy and worry-free way for tax professionals to transition into self-employment.”

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