Tax-Free Retirement Accounts/Wealth Management and Asset Protection

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Strategic Wealth Partners, LLC specializes in helping clients protect their retirement savings, reduce their taxes and protect their assets The wealth management company, which is based in Las Vegas, NV, is veteran-owned and well versed to help you retire without risk.

Strategic Wealth Partners has over 18 years of experience helping clients achieve their financial goals and protecting their assets by providing Asset Protection, Retirement Planning and Estate Planning solutions to clients in Nevada and 24 additional states. We help clients protect their wealth from all known and unknown creditors. We don’t sell products; We don’t push services; We solve problems.

How much of your hard earned money is at risk? How much money can you afford to lose? Are you going to increase your retirement money/ wealth in a risk position or a safe position? Let’s shift our foundation and park your money in a safe position.

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We are passionate about helping clients Build and Protect their Wealth in Any Economy – We educate and implement strategies designed to help you develop or improve your financial position by minimizing or avoiding unnecessary risk and accumulate an increasing pool of capital. We can show you how to manage your retirement by managing your sequence of returns. We use a unique wealth preservation tool to mitigate losses for your retirement years.

As financial management and asset protection specialists, Strategic Wealth Partners understands how hard it can be to save a retirement fund large enough to achieve long-term financial security. We all work hard to grow our assets, payoff our homes, 2nd homes, brokerage accounts, etc…. what we forget is how to protect those assets in case we get sued, that is why the company has incorporated Asset Protection to help clients protect their assets from any known and unknown creditors.

Many individuals cannot afford to save ahead of retirement, particularly with the rising cost of living compared to the slow rise of wages. Strategic Wealth Partners use proven tools and approaches to help its clients grow a tax-free fund that can be accessed upon retirement through its plan, Retirement Life. Aside from retirement planning and asset protection, the company can assist clients with debt elimination, risk analysis, estate planning, and tax-planning.

It is an alternative to traditional options, such as stocks and mutual funds. These types of retirement funds all face taxes in the long or short term, not to mention risk. Can you afford another 2008? In addition, stock market volatility can reduce the size of a retirement fund overnight. Our strategies hedge against expected inflation rises, a growing government debt, and tax increases.

A company spokesperson said: “If offered a choice, most people would elect to pay no taxes when accessing funds in retirement. However, most people have not spent years (decades) funding a Roth IRA or Roth 401(k) and instead have focused on funding ‘tax-deferred’ tools.” and they will pay taxes in their retirement.

“Retirement Life is a type of cash value life insurance policy that is designed for minimal expenses and maximum growth on premiums paid,” to maximize your tax free retirement income!

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