Tax Credit Eligibility ERTC 2022 – Small Business/Non-Profit Quiz Launched

ERTC Today and ScottHall have launched a new quiz to help employers determine if they qualify for Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) and how much they can claim.

The Employee Retention Credit program has become the largest United States government stimulus program in history, with approximately $80 billion in funds to be claimed. This new quiz helps employers find out if they are eligible with only a few questions, so they can claim their credits before the deadline.

To take a short ERTC eligibility quiz or to speak with an expert, please visit

With billions of dollars on the table, many financial experts are surprised at the number of businesses, and tax-exempt organizations, that have failed to claim their tax credits so far. This may be caused by confusion over eligibility, which is what prompted Scott Hall and ERTC Today to launch this simple eligibility quiz.

The lack of claims is most likely caused by business owners believing that they do not qualify for the program because the eligibility requirements have changed since it was first introduced. This includes changes in who was eligible, how large a business could be and still make a claim, and also how much could be claimed per employee.

Some employers may also be concerned that the ERTC is a loan, like the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP,) but the tax credit program is not a loan and does not need to be repaid. Employers who have already applied for the PPP and received a loan through that program are also now eligible for the ERTC program, though they were not when the CARES Act was first passed.

The eligibility quiz can be completed in approximately 60 seconds and asks no questions about proprietary business information. If an employer is eligible, they can file on their own or have the ERTC Today team pre-qualify them for a rebate and help with the paperwork.

To make a claim with ERTC Today employers only need to submit their 941 returns, raw payroll data, and PPP loan documents to the company’s secure online portal. With that information, their expert accountants can take care of maximizing the claim, and completing the paperwork.

Businesses who have already filed their paperwork for 2020 or 2021 can also still claim their tax credit retroactively, by contacting an ERTC specialist or filing a 941-X form.

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