Tattoo Removal Pricing and Cost Revealed By San Antonio Clinic, Fresh Start

Tattoo Removal Pricing is the number one asked question at San Antonio tattoo removal clinic, Fresh Start.

San Antonio, TX- Fresh Start laser tattoo removal clinic in San Antonio, Texas is clearing up the cost of laser tattoo removal. The business says the pricing of laser tattoo removal treatments is on everyone’s mind these days as it is the number one most asked question during the consultations at both their San Antonio and Austin, Texas clinics.

The true cost of tattoo removal is explained by Anthony Carrasco of Fresh Start laser tattoo removal, San Antonio, “The cost of removing a tattoo can depend on many different factors including the size of tattoo as well as the tattoo’s ink density”.

Determining cost of tattoo removal based on size is a common practice for laser tattoo removal clinics in San Antonio, TX, however, according to Anthony Carrasco, they do things just a little bit different at Fresh Start laser tattoo removal, “Unlike a lot of our competitors whose prices are designated per square inch, at Fresh Start Laser Clinic here in San Antonio, Texas, we believe tattoo removal cost should be easier to understand. We use a general size category to determine the laser tattoo removal cost, which is decided at the time of your free consultation. During the consultation, we will assess your tattoo and categorize its size. Even for folks who may have multiple tattoos or extra large tattoos, we will work with you to find a discounted custom price that fits into your laser tattoo removal budget.”

The local Austin business believes when it comes to tattoos and tattoo removal, the old adage, “you get what you pay for” definitely rings true. Fresh Start Laser Clinic says their work speaks for themselves.

The company currently has well over 300 reviews and holds a solid an impressive, FIVE STAR rating. Carrasco and the rest of the staff at Fresh Start they believe their hard work and dedication to the needs and growing tattoo removal demands combined with their top of the line laser has a lot to do with their perfect reputation. According to Mr. Carrasco of Fresh Start Laser Clinic, San Antonio, TX, “The type of machine we use as well as the continuing education and training of all of our talented laser technicians go into the true cost of tattoo removal.” He adds, “we are proud to use The Quanta EVO Q Plus C, which is the best, cutting-edge laser tattoo removal machine. We also require our technicians to be thoroughly trained and certified.” Fresh Start Laser Clinic wants patients looking into laser tattoo removal in Austin, TX to know, laser tattoo removal is a gradual process and requires treatment sessions to be spaced every 4-8 weeks, so according to Anthony and his staff, patience is a virtue and results can vary from vague to dramatic depending on multiple factors in the tattoo removal process including; age of tattoo and ink density. To set up a consultation or for more info on the cost of tattoo removal contact Fresh Start Laser Clinic-San Antonio, TX

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