Tattoo Removal Michigan Now Safer and More Affordable According To Inkblasters

Tattoo removal prices have recently gone down at tattoo removal clinics near Detroit, Michigan. Tattoo removal has become more popular and more clinics are popping up around Michigan.

Ink Blasters Offers Low Cost for Tattoo Removal using the latest laser technology

Livonia, MI – For some people, wearing a tattoo gives them some fashion sense. According to a recent study by Statista, 4 out of 10 Americans aged 18 to 69 years old have at least one tattoo with a quarter of respondents saying they are wearing several tattoos in their body. Meanwhile, 17% say that have only one tattoo in their body.

But while some Americans like to wear tattoos for fashion and style, there are others who regret having worn a tattoo. As of 2015, 23 percent of people with tattoos regret having one saying that it was the name of a person who is no longer significant or that the tattoo has lost its meaning. Despite these regrets, however, some people are still not keen on tattoo removal believing that it is a painful procedure.

The good news is that tattoo removal has evolved over the years. Thanks to laser technology, removing body art is no longer painful as it used to be. Many tattoo removal clinics are now using safe and painless methods of tattoo removal. Detroit residents can bank on Inkblasters for a safe and effective tattoo removal procedure.

Experience The Gold Standard

Ink Blasters uses the safest and most effective laser on the market today, the Quanta Q-Plus C laser. Considered as the gold standard for tattoo removal lasers, the Quanta Q-Plus is capable of administering more power than other lasers in the market with a less adverse reaction. It is one of the only lasers in the world with the proven ability to remove full-color ink from a variety of skin types. Unlike other lasers that use antiquated circular light, Quanta uses square beam technology that distributes energy evenly throughout the tissue.

Patients might be wondering about the cost of tattoo removal for using this technology. At Ink Blasters, tattoo removal is priced by the number of solid square inches of ink. During the initial consultation, the tattoo is measured using a patented grid formula that will determine the exact size of the tattoo and nothing else. In most clinics, the whole area is measured. This can give patients a lot of savings. Each treatment will have its own price.

About Ink Blasters

Ink Blasters was founded by Ryan Wright. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. After graduation, he started working in the ICU at the Detroit Receiving Hospital’s Burn Unit. There he specialized in treating trauma patients and also served as a wound care specialist. It was there that he gained tremendous knowledge of the skin as well as how to recognize and treat burns and other skin related trauma.

Ryan also does volunteer work. He got involved with the Save Haiti volunteer team where he helped set up a free clinic for local Haitians. He also got involved in the annual Children’s Christmas Workshop in Northville, Michigan. They teach kids to make presents for their friends and family by hand using tools under adult supervision.

To schedule an appointment with Ink Blasters, patients can call (734) 629-5434 or visit their website at

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