Tattoo Removal Lexington Clinic Answers Question Is Tattoo Removal Painful

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Inkundu, the expert laser tattoo removal clinic in Lexington, Kentucky knows exactly how to answer their most asked question, 'is tattoo removal painful?'

Lexington, KY- Tattoo removal clinic in Lexington, KY has had quite a bit of experience removing tattoos with their top of the line laser device they can honestly answer the question the question they are most often asked during their free consultations at their Lexington, Kentucky tattoo removal clinic.

Is tattoo removal painful?

Inkundu, Lexington, KY is perhaps the most well-known and highest rated tattoo removal clinic in the area and they have officially announced they want to set the record straight on what might be the most asked question in laser tattoo removal.

Anyone looking for the best laser tattoo removal in Lexington has surely had this question cross their mind at least once. The horror stories of laser tattoo removal have been posted all over the national media as well as social media sites. Many potential laser tattoo removal patients may have even been detoured away from receiving laser tattoo removal treatments because of the negative stories they have heard or seen on the news. However, as Inkundu in Lexington, KY says, in 2018, laser treatments are not what they used to be as long as the technology being used is FDA approved and state of the art. Not all laser clinics and medical spas in Lexington, KY carry up to date state-of-the-art laser devices like you will find at Inkundu. According to Inkundu’s certified laser technician, Kimberly Gray, the new cutting-edge laser technology used at their clinic assists in minimizing pain during the laser tattoo removal treatment. Miss Gray says, “each client who walks through that door wants to know, is tattoo removal painful? And the answer is definitely the same every time, YES!”. Kimberly goes on to explain, while laser tattoo removal may be painful, its not as bad as you think.

“At Inkundu here in Lexington, we use the Quanta Q Plus C Laser which is the most innovative and highest quality laser on the market. Not only is the laser one of the most powerful lasers in Lexington, but it is also one of the gentlest. Higher quality machines equal a far less painful laser tattoo removal treatment when little to no downtime at all”. The company also uses a special device called a “Zimmer Chiller” during every laser a=tattoo removal session the Zimmer, is a technology that produces a steady stream of super-cooled air that assures a comfortable experience. Inkundu always wants those interested in laser tattoo removal in Lexington to know that each tattoo removal session is much quicker than the actual tattoo application and most patients compare the procedure to a rubber band being snapped against their skin.

But don’t just take it from Kimberly and the team at Inkundu, contact the company for a free consultation and see for yourself, laser tattoo removal isn’t as painful as you think.


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