Tattoo Removal in Tampa Inkstheticare Reveals Tattoo Removal Gaining Popularity

Laser Tattoo Removal Tampa, FL is gaining popularity as Inkstheticare announces study on why folks are getting laser tattoo removal. Inkstheticare is the best tattoo removal in Tampa.

Experience Quality Tattoo Removal Tampa with Inkstheticare Clinic

Tampa, Florida – Tattoos have become part of the mainstream over the years. Tattoos are dated as early as 6,000 years ago. Tattoos are no longer limited to bikers and athletes. People from all walks of life have inked themselves up with tattoos. Many studies even say possibly 1 in 3 people have a tattoo.

On the other end, some polls reveal 23% of people also regret having a tattoo and are seeking out laser tattoo removal. A common reason folks are considering laser tattoo removal is that they were young when they got inked and that particular tattoo no longer fits their lifestyle. Laser tattoo removal has quickly gained popularity.

Tattoo removal has jumped by leaps and bounds in the last few years. Nowadays, laser technology has made removing a tattoo less painful. There are now many tattoo removal clinics offering painless removal through laser technology. In Tampa, one of the most popular tattoo removal clinics is Inkstheticare Clinic.

State-of-the-art Laser Removal

Inkstheticare Clinic offers state-of-the-art laser tattoo removal technology. When it comes to tattoo removal Tampa, Inksthetic Care offers both Q-Switch and Pico laser in one sitting. The clinic uses Enlighten III by Cutera for removing any color of tattoo.

On a regular basis, the medical professionals of Inkstheticare review up-to-date literature & treatment guidelines ensuring that patients will receive the best laser therapy possible. The procedure is done by formally trained tattoo artists. Color tones are carefully selected to reliably match any type of skin. Quality is the hallmark that defines service offered by Inkstheticare Clinic.

About Inkstheticare

Inkstheticare Clinic is the only medical facility managed by a licensed and actively practicing physician with a formal practice/licensure in traditional tattooing. The clinic takes pride in providing quality work. Inkstheticare has designed InkStat50+, a multi-dimensional evaluation program evaluating over 50 aspects of a patient’s tattoo. This makes it the most comprehensive analysis in the industry. Treatments are custom made to suit the patient’s needs.

For booking and consultation, Inkstheticare Clinic can be reached at (813)336-2190. Check out their website at

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