Tattoo Removal Cost in San Antonio TX More Affordable Than You Think Says Clinic

Cost of tattoo removal in San Antonio, Texas is something almost anyone can afford, thanks to Fresh Start laser tattoo removal, located in San Antonio.

San Antonio, Texas- Laser tattoo removal is the process of ridding the body of unwanted ink using a class 4 laser device regulated by the FDA and the American Medical Board. Because of the tough regulations regarding production and operation of the highly powerful lasers the procedures these machines are used for often come with a very hefty price tag. Laser tattoo removal, for example can be very expensive depending on who is performing the treatment.

In some states, the procedure is, (by law) only performed by a Medical Doctor or Plastic Surgeon. Because of this, treatments in those facilities are often extremely pricy because patients are paying more for the medical credentials than the actual treatment itself.

For those states where a medical license is not required for laser operation, (like San Antonio, Texas, where Fresh Start is located), cost of tattoo removal is more reasonable. According to the staff at Fresh Start Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic in San Antonio, TX, at their clinic they have a more unique approach to pricing laser tattoo removal treatments.

According to the company’s website,, the tattoo removal San Antonio clinic offers the most affordable treatments in the state, pricing starts at just $59, exact pricing is set during their complimentary initial consultation, where Fresh Start will assess the tattoo and come to a price that best fits within their client’s budget. A representative for Fresh Start Laser Tattoo Removal in San Antonio says, “We truly care about our patients and believe nothing should get in the way of removing their unwanted ink safely, including cost. With our clients goals in mind, our guarantee is that we will work with each and every client on an individual basis to find a pricing plan that meets their goals.”

The San Antonio laser tattoo removal clinic is highly respected, they currently have great ratings on search engines and all across social media.

More information on the laser tattoo removal clinic can be found by visiting the website above, or by calling the clinic at (210) 455-0187, they are located at 12315 Judson Rd #314, San Antonio, TX 78233

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