Targeted Niche Content Marketing – Automated Backlink Indexing Service Announced

Launch Ninjas, Inc. has announced a new automated link-building service through VidPenguin Productions. Business owners can leverage powerful content marketing solutions to grow their brand awareness.

The latest SAAS app in development at VidPenguin Productions is a simple, online backlinking platform that provides four distinct ways that users can upload and automate their own link-building strategies. The public launch is set for March 15th, 2022. However, they are offering a pre-launch special with a discounted lifetime purchase option available now for those who want to support the project early.

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The new backlinking solution is designed to provide actionable inbound lead generation results for businesses across sectors. Hardware, content, and hosting are all handled by the team, and business owners also benefit from an auto-blogging process that can be tailored for their unique needs and goals.

Damon Nelson, the software co-developer explains that a niche is available for every site, with over 25 domains to choose from across over 100+ sub-niches. This provides added flexibility and empowers business owners to target their audience more effectively.

One of the primary advantages of the system is that no coding experience is required. There is nothing to build for the user, so the process of content creation is streamlined.

By signing up for the program, business owners can showcase pro-grade content covering new product releases, news reports, expansions, special offers, and more. Articles reliably feature across high-authority destinations, providing clients with a range of visibility benefits.

Because each backlink is associated with a quality page, it provides a noticeable rankings boost for the business. Clients will also see traffic spikes when the articles themselves get highlighted.

When launched in March 2022, this content marketing service will be a standalone package for business owners wanting to utilize backlink indexing as part of their campaign. There is an early Beta version release that will initially roll out to existing RSSMasher customers later this year.

Clients just need to go to their schedule and add the booster pages they’re interested in. From there, they can select their niche and sub-niche. The rest of the process is automated, so they can focus on other tasks knowing the system will be working in the background.

A spokesperson for the agency states: “With a simple process of selecting a Tier 1 booster site and category, you can now benefit from a mass scale of high-quality content pages and listicles.”

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Release ID: 89055905