Tantra Bensko’s New Psychological Thriller Launched

Tantra Bensko, the California based author and teacher, has launched the second book in her thrilling series, called Remember to Recycle. It focuses on the Nevermind Agency plot to unmask the Rescuers, set against the backdrop of World War III.

A new psychological suspense thriller has been launched by author Tantra Bensko, who lives in Berkeley, CA, the city attracting international attention because of riots related to free speech. The second in a series, called The Agents of Nevermind, it is published by Insubordinate Books and has been receiving glowing reviews on Amazon following its release.

Further details can be found at: https://amazon.com/dp/B06XY4CF1S.

The first novel in the series, called Glossolalia, was received well and set the stage for the series, while the second book, Remember to Recycle, continues on the story despite being a standalone story.

The Nevermind is a fictional intelligence agency focusing on disinformation through fake news, hypnosis, mind control, false flags, bribery, blackmail and assassination to guide the government to follow along with the government and engage in its proxy wars.

In this manner, the series turns the secret agent novel genre on its head, and offers a fresh take on the form through a narrative set in the present day, with tensions ripe as fear of World War III grows.

The series focuses on the Rescuers, who are seen as unarmed and neutral, and giving humanitarian aid to a Balkanizeded country. The Nevermind Agents lie on the evening news to garner support for proxy wars and their movie about the Rescuers is an instant hit.

However, it is time to unmask them, and that means a plan has to be forged so ingenious that even the planner can’t know how it’s done.

The story follows Becky, who is concerned after she discovers items in her home have been moved, and hires a friend to spy on the man she thinks is responsible.

Tantra Bensko teaches writing fiction with the UCLA Extension Writing Program. She enjoys blogging about social engineering, dancing, and walks, and loves the songs of house finches in the neighborhood.

More information about her and her writing can be found on her website at: http://flameflower.wix.com/glossolalia-suspense.

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