Tampere Finland Group And Couples Dance Classes Reopening Announced

House of Dance has announced a successful reopening following the lockdown. Some restrictions are in place for couples dancing, but Tampere residents can enjoy a wide and varied timetable.

House of Dance, the Tampere-based dance school in Finland, has announced a successful reopening following lockdown. The early June schedule featured a wide variety of classes including South Indian Vibez and Reggaetron.

More information can be found at: https://www.houseofdance.fi

As part of the reopening, clients enjoyed Female Dancehall, Bachata, Salsa, and Bollywood dance sessions. Couples dance classes have also been re-opened, with specific details in place.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, it’s important for couples to be pre-matched before the class. For this reason, attendees wanting to take part in salsa and bachata need to have a partner with them. In the class itself, they will dance only with this partner, with no exchanges.

House of Dance was first created to showcase Indian dance and introduce people to a form of dance that they may not have tried before. Now the variety of styles has expanded, offering clients a number of ways to keep fit.

Dance is traditionally an effective and popular workout, because it’s fun and accessible. Each of the dance styles taught at House of Dance can be enjoyed by participants of all ages. Now that classes have reopened, clients of any experience level can enjoy part of their life returning to normalcy.

The global pandemic has had a big impact on the health and fitness industry, but House of Dance is excited about taking its next step. Now that it’s newly reopened, clients can enjoy the many health benefits of dance in an open, safe and fun environment.

Group dancing and dance classes help with cardiovascular fitness, strength and endurance. Dancing can also improve flexibility, while also having a positive impact on stress or anxiety levels.

The full dance schedule for available classes at House of Dance can be found on the URL above. Interested parties are encouraged to get in touch to discuss the best options to suit their needs.

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