Tampere Finland Dance Studio Bollywood Salsa Kpop Spring 2021 Lessons Announced

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House of Dance, a dance studio in Tampere, Finland, has announced its schedule and lineup of classes for Spring 2021. This includes lessons in Bollywood, salsa, dancehall, and other dance styles.

House of Dance, a dance studio and instruction group in Tampere, Finland, has announced its Spring 2021 schedule of classes in Bollywood, Kpop, dancehall, salsa, and other dance styles.

More information can be found at https://www.houseofdance.fi

In the announcement, House of Dance rolled out its 2021 lineup of daily lessons scheduled to run from January 11 to May 21, 2021. Interested students can look up the schedule for their preferred dance style with information on instructors, prices, and how to enroll at the studio’s website.

In addition to popular classes, such as salsa, Bollywood, and dancehall, House of Dance is introducing a range of new instructions for the upcoming season. These include Twerk Absolute Beginners, Cuban Reggaeton, Bollywood for Kids, and Kpop for Kids.

House of Dance welcomes dance enthusiasts age seven and up, and of all skill levels. With the motto, “We turn novices to artists”, the studio’s instructors aim to encourage newbies without any dance experience to discover the joy and the many health benefits of dancing.

The studio continuously strives to have a diverse lineup of dance styles from around the world to attract students of various interests and backgrounds, from Bollywood and Kpop fans to dancehall regulars.

The different styles also allow students to pick a fitness regimen that fits their preferences, whether they’re looking for something slow and relaxing or more fast paced and strenuous.

Twerk, for example, features movements that are focused on the lower body and the buttocks. Bollywood is a calm, relaxing dance style that highlights rhythmic movements and music. Bachata is a sensual Latin dance that helps improve balance, coordination, and muscle strength.

The instructors at House of Dance pride themselves on their passion for their craft and aim to pass on their enthusiasm and love of dance to their students.

According to salsa instructor Mauricio Alvarez, “I find that there’s something special about seeing how people overcome their fears, challenges and grow when you teach them how to dance. Seeing their joyful faces when they dance, it’s priceless.”

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