Tampere Finland Dance Learn Bollywood & International Moves Classes Launched

A new range of social dance classes has been launched by House of Dance in Tampere, Finland. These are a great way to improve health and fitness.

House of Dance has launched a new range of dance classes for residents around Tampere in Finland. They offer a wide range of popular styles, and believe that dance belongs to everyone, with everyone having an inner dancer within them.

More information can be found at: https://www.houseofdance.fi/blog/start-dancing

The Facebook page explains that they strive to spread the love of dancing with their classes. It’s for this reason that they are regularly updated with new options.

House of Dance began as a way to introduce people to the Indian styles of dancing, but it has since grown. Now it offers training in a wide range of styles.

In addition to their dance classes, they regularly host shows for people to enjoy. These are designed to exchange vibrant ideas and encourage artistic exploration.

The team at House of Dance explain that dance is the one of the best workouts available to someone looking to improve their fitness.

In addition to this, it’s a hobby that can be found and enjoyed at any age. House of Dance says that the most important thing is that people approach it with enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

Anyone signing up for dance classes at House of Dance will find they take place in a large, air conditioned mirror hall. This is equipped with the latest sound technology and has a spacious dressing room.

In addition to this, it is centrally located with good parking facilities. Easy access is ensured so anyone can sign up and enjoy the classes.

There are a number of benefits to learning to dance in a social environment like House of Dance. It helps to improve health and fitness, but also improves balance, coordination and posture.

In addition to this, the routines, practice and moves can sharpen the mind and improve flexibility and reflexes. Other benefits to dance include reducing stress and anxiety, and improving self confidence.

Full details of the classes available through House of Dance can be found on the URL above.

At house of Dance they offer dance styles like Bollywood Dance, Salsa dance, bachata dance, reggaeton dance, South Indian Dance , Sassy Divas, Bollywood for students, Twerk dance, Dancehall dance, Dancehall female style, and they also have performing groups that perform in shows all over the world.

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