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Personal injury law firm Rojas Law Group (813-879-2223) in Tampa, Florida, has updated its legal representation services for victims of medical malpractice.

With the update, the practice helps victims of medical negligence file a lawsuit against the responsible party, seeking fair compensation for their injuries, emotional trauma, loss of income, medical treatments, incapacitation, as well as damages for the pains and sufferings they had and continue to endure.

More details about the firm’s medical malpractice legal support are available at https://rojaslawgroup.com

In line with this move, the attorneys at Rojas Law Group now offer complimentary case reviews along with a no-obligation legal consultation to help victims build their claims. They are available 24/7 for emergency cases, lending their expertise to help clients recover from their injuries and get the medical care and compensation they deserve.

“Medical malpractice is a huge problem in America. Every year, tens of thousands are killed by doctors who mistake their medication for something else or misdiagnose an illness, causing them further harm, ” Juana Rojas, the founding attorney at Rojas Law Group, stated on their website.

With this in mind, the personal injury lawyers, with the full consent of the injured party or their family, will sue the negligent entity, which may include the doctor, the hospital, and/or the pharmaceutical company, so they can be compensated for their loss.

The practice can handle any medical malpractice claim, such as misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, wrongful death, birth injuries, surgical mistakes, anesthesia errors, prescription errors, cancer misdiagnosis, and more.

With most personal injury cases settled out of court, the medical malpractice attorneys will fight on behalf of the victim for a quick resolution while seeking the maximum compensation possible.

Rojas Law Group’s services are offered on a contingency basis. The attorneys only collect their fees if there is a favorable resolution of the case.

The firm’s other practice areas include auto, boating, and trucking accidents; wrongful death; dog bites; and catastrophic injuries.

“I’m pleased to have chosen Juana Rojas as my lawyer. She and her staff are knowledgeable, available, and caring. She also has an exceptional network of partners, such as the Rivas Medical Center, where I received physical therapy and was treated wonderfully, ” a satisfied client said. “She was able to deduct substantial amounts of money from my medical bills, which helped me maximize the money I received in my settlement.”

Interested parties can visit https://rojaslawgroup.com to learn more.

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