Tampa FL Fix Flip Real Estate Bridge Loans Renovation Rehab Financing Launched

Westshore, a real estate investment financing company has launched services in Tampa, Florida. They have created a Fix & Flip program to fund real estate investors in the Tampa area.

A leading real estate investment firm has launched a Fix & Flip Program for real estate investors in Tampa, FL. The hands-on owner Ray Wateska, an experienced financier, is now working with Tampa real estate investors to help them complete repairs and renovations on properties throughout the Tampa area.

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The launch of the Fix & Flip Program in Tampa by Ray Wateska was prompted after finding that the Tampa market has an abundance of houses that needed to be renovated for resale. It was also discovered that financial alternatives to traditional lending sources were limited.

Ray is now investing his time and resources in the area by arranging alternative financing for real estate investors in Tampa. Investment property rehab funds are once again needed in the Tampa real estate market and Ray’s company is prepared to offer investors in Tampa rehab loans and a strong fix & flip program to meet market demands.

The program offers financing up to 125% of the purchase price or up to 70% of the after repair value. This is a short-term acquisition and renovation loan that will not only enable a Tampa real estate investor the opportunity to acquire a property but will also give them six months to improve the property for resale.

The new buyer is then responsible to refinance the home into long-term permanent financing and Ray’s company is prepared to help in that regard if needed. These rehab funds permit financing up to 100% of the purchase price, including some acquisition and renovation costs.

This aggressive Fix and Flip program is for professionals who understand the power of leveraging other people’s money to reap huge rewards on the eventual resale of the finished project to an end buyer at fair market value.

Borrowers must contribute at least $20,000 of their funds into the project and the minimum amount is $100,000. This program is for corporate borrowers only. The borrower must be a non-owner and the program is only for investment properties.

The launch of the Fix & Flip rehab program for pending or future investment property acquisition and renovation transactions is now available for investors throughout the Tampa area.

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