Tampa FL Bioidentical Hormone Replacement/Peptide Therapy Telemedicine Launched

Infinity Medical Institute of Tampa (813-871-2929), has launched telemedicine consultations for all its services, including concierge hormone replacement therapy, peptide therapy, and stem cell treatments.

Patients can now schedule telemedicine consultations to discuss their treatment plan with Dr. Moriah Moffitt and her team. Remote consultations are secure and allow more patients to access safe hormone replacement and peptide therapies for weight loss.

Visit https://infinitymedicalinstitute.com for more information.

The launch of telemedicine consultations follows the growing demand for bio-natural hormone and peptide therapies in Florida.

Peptides are short amino acids that are easily absorbed by the body for optimal brain and body function. Like proteins, peptides are also made up of amino acids which are considered the building blocks of life.

Peptide therapy has emerged as an area of interest in the areas of anti-aging, sports medicine, and functional medicine. It has been applied in the areas of weight loss and rapid recovery from injury.

The team at Infinity Medical Institute offers bio-natural hormone therapies for men and women, having successfully treated more than 40,000 patients. The center uses the latest treatment protocols backed by next-generation technologies to optimize a patient’s hormone levels.

The top-rated hormone therapy center in Tampa also offers cellular therapies for tissue restoration. One type of therapy is in the form of exosomes, which are micro-vesicles used to regenerate tissue after injuries. Another therapy offered is via stem cells which work by paracrine signaling, which is local cell-to-cell communication to induce positive changes within the body. Stem cell treatments are available for skin and hair growth.

Infinity Medical Institute carries out hormone level tests for women and provides immediate results via email, making it simple to take the first step towards the restoration of health and wellness.

Infinity Medical Institute is based in Tampa and is a pioneer in integrative medicine, dedicated to benchmarking health indicators and understanding where individuals are in their life cycle, rather than simply treating individual symptoms. They offer an evidence-based approach to aging, health, and wellness, based on research. More details can be found here https://infinitymedicalinstitute.com/peptides

A satisfied patient has said: “Going through all the post-menopausal changes of life was miserable. Night sweats, hot flushes, mood swings, weight fluctuations, etc. Having the hormone replacement is amazing, everything is different. Thank you Infinity.’”

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