Tamarindo Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Beachfront Safe For Family Report Released

Villa Thoga announced the release of a new report providing detailed information on the overall safety of Costa Rica as a holiday destination and extensive advice for tourists and families travelling to Tamarindo.

The popular Tamarindo, Costa Rica vacation villa rentals complex Villa Thoga announced the release of a new report providing extensive information on the safety of Costa Rica and Tamarindo as family holiday destinations.

More information is available at http://villathoga.com/is-costa-rica-safe/.

Villa Thoga provides a prominent Tamarindo, Costa Rica vacation booking service with safe and affordable full-service holiday villa rentals near the beach, extensive advice on safety, food or popular activities in Costa Rica and a selection of the most affordable flights, car rentals, tours, and more, for Tamarindo travelers and family vacations.

The firm has announced the release of a new report featuring extensive information on the overall safety of Costa Rica and Tamarindo as holiday destinations, including valuable advice for Costa Rica travelers on the safety of the drinking water, car rental, driving, currency exchange, nightlife, the Tamarindo beach, and more.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable Costa Rica experience for tourists, additional information and advice on the popular activities and safest providers of fishing, Palo Verde river tours, sunset cruises, ATV tours, beach horseback riding, volcano tours, sunset sailing & snorkeling, zip line tours or diving adventure packages are also available on the Villa Thoga website.

More information on the safety of the Villa Thoga wall fenced vacation villas with full amenities, including private splash pools, terraces, stoves, ovens, coffee makers, cable TV, wireless internet, BBQ, and more, along with secure airport shuttle transfer service can be requested at 506 8565-2227 or 506-8303-1853.

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The Villa Thoga team explains that “we want to make it crystal clear that Costa Rica, and especially Tamarindo, are 100% safe if tourists act responsibility. Since we own the villa complex, no robbery or other similar incident has been reported”

The firm adds that “our mission is to meet your needs and our discounts are available for booking throughout the year, in low or high season, even during holidays like Christmas, New Year or Easter. If you’re looking for premier private villas 5 minutes walking from all the Tamarindo amenities and 250m from the beach, we invite you to be a part of our Villa Thoga family”.

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