TalentVid Announces New Partnership with Prominent National Recruiting Service

True Video Resume Service, TalentVid and Top Recruiting Firm, EHS Hospitality Group have Announced a Strategic Partnership that will Speed Up the Hiring Experience

The latest partnership between EHS Recruiting Company and TalentVid offers both Candidates and Hiring Managers tremendous opportunities not previously available. In an innovative move by TalentVid, Candidates for EHS Recruiting Company will now be able to use TalenVid Services while applying to the EHS Job Board. Here, they will have the ability to introduce themselves to the Company’s Hiring Manager via a 30-second video as they open the Resume. Hiring Managers will have the luxury of getting to meet applicants before deciding who to call. In turn, they will be saving valuable time by not moving forward with unqualified candidates! This new resume format will also allow job applicants/candidates the ability to mention skills and strengths they feel are relevant to the position that doesn’t typically translate well on a written resume.

At this time, Candidates working with Recruiters and Client Managers at EHS Recruiting Co. will have exclusive access to the TalentVid platform free of charge! After a consultation with one of the many excellent recruiters at EHS Recruiting Company, the Candidate will have a few companies targeted. Candidates choosing to send in Resumes using the TalentVid format will be the first in what will become the new norm for resumes. Utilizing these services will give job seekers a greater understanding of what the company they are applying to is looking for. The TalentVid format allows Candidates to customize each “Elevator Pitch” to specific Clients of EHS Recruiting Company. This new partnership between TalentVid and EHS Recruiting will exponentially speed up the hiring process. Multiple decision-makers in the organization will “meet” the candidate within minutes compared to the usual process of one hiring manager tracking down a candidate in order to schedule a phone, Zoom, or Face to Face interview.

In the very near future, Jobseekers will be able to go to either site and create their own TalentVid, apply for positions on the Job Board, and speak to a Recruiter for a consultation. Candidates will have the advantage of First Contact with the Hiring Manager. Clients will have the advantage of saving valuable time by taking the guesswork out of the outdated classic resume format. It’s a win-win-win situation for all parties involved!

When asked about the new joint venture, Matthew Fried from TalentVid said, “As part of a long-term strategy, the two companies see this Partnership as modernizing the current resume format to better represent a candidate while speeding up the hiring process for Clients of EHS Recruiting Company.”

When asked, Vice President Malcolm Bell stated “Brian Hirt, Founder, and President of EHS Recruiting Company, is always looking for the next great piece of tech to improve the candidate and client experience and stay one step ahead of the competition. Creating a Partnership with a Cutting-Edge Product like TalentVid is the Next Step in Resume Presentation! This is one of those rare ideas that benefit both candidate and the client.”

Current and future customers are invited to learn more about the joint venture and how they will benefit:


TalentVid was founded in 2021 and serves the Resume Writing Services industry. It is the first true combination of the classic resume with an embedded video of the candidate, enabling the candidate and client to have a faster and smoother hiring experience.


EHS Recruiting Company was founded in 1993 and serves the Hospitality, IT, Construction, Cannabis, Food Service, Hotels, and Private Clubs Industries. EHS Recruiting Company has been successfully leading the recruitment industry for the past 28 years by simply building lasting relationships with clients and candidates. They work in a collaborative environment where they drive each other to succeed.

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